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Available June 2019 
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Planting 6 Year old Babies

From Bloom....

At Renouf Farms our Haskap plants were developed at the University of Saskatchewan fruit breeding program
thanks to Dr. Bob Bors who has been working diligently to improve the edible blue honeysuckle
since 1997. The 7 most modern and successful varieties are represented in our orchard and hopefully
will ensure a constant supply of ripening berries for 7 weeks as shown in the chart below. The plants
were mainly purchased at Haskap Central Sales in Henribourg with some purchased directly from the
University during plant sales days in June.

To Berries!! At Renouf Farms

A Great source of many Essential Vitamins and Minerals


Different varieties ripen at different times -
 here is an estimate of those times!
At Renouf Farms our varieties of Haskap have a fresh raspberry/blueberry flavour with a special zing found only in Haskaps. The plants grow well in our climate and are the first fruit crop to ripen each season (earlier than strawberries by a few weeks). The plant is well behaved: it doesn’t sucker, has no thorns, needs little pruning in early years and tends to fruit when very young. Renouf Farms has been operating a you-pick berry operation for over 10 years with Saskatoons and Raspberries and we are excited to add Haskaps to the orchard. Extensive research indicates that the flavour and health benefits will create a very high demand for these berries and we hope to be there to satisfy that demand.

renouf farms haskap orchard drone view
Arial view of Renouf Farms Haskap Orchard on a warm summer day in July!

A Saskatchewan Favorite
Available in season and frozen at Nutters
U-Pick "By Appointment" call Renouf Farms at
Keeping the bees busy...
Ready to pick.... at Renouf Farms U-Pick..

Renouf Farms delicious large juicy Saskatoon berries.


More examples of Renouf Farms large and juicy Saskatoons Berries with the owners hand showing them off!

Available in season  and frozen at Nutters
Delicious and Juicy
Actual Renouf Farms berries in 2017 and 2018 was just as juicy!
  Available in season and frozen
Great for making wine and Jelly
Call Renouf Farms to order 306-921-8265

Lately the Chokecherries at Renouf Farms have been large and great
for making wine or jelly!

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Renouf Farms, Melfort, Saskatchewan.
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